Trump on new acting AG: 'I don't know Matt Whitaker'

Democratic candidate Katie Porter speaks to volunteers in Mission Viejo. Jon Bauman, Bowzer from the band Sha Na Na, is in the background. (Victoria Kim / Los Angeles Times)

Judging from the cheers in the crowd, about half those assembled at Katie Porter’s campaign headquarters in Mission Viejo Sunday morning were old enough to remember ’70s rock ’n’ roll star Bowzer from the band Sha Na Na.

Jon Bauman, as “Bowzer” is known off stage, said it was her position on senior issues including retirement and social security that has him out supporting Porter over her opponent, incumbent Rep. Mimi Walters.

“I want you to make sure every phone is called and every door is knocked,” he told the crowd of about 80 volunteers. “There has never been a more important election.”